Mercedes Benz E Class Convertible 207 Luggage Racks

Mercedes Benz E Class 207 Luggage Rack

Premium quality Classic Style boot luggage rack with bespoke fittings suitable for the Mercedes E Class (207 platform cars) from 2009.

Heavy duty load platform for extra strength, with hand brazed joints for a clean seamless appearance.

​Supplied with four mirror polished side clamps, Allen hardware and rubber inserts to protect the car's paint.

​Produced in the UK.

​Part No. CM/MB207

£249.95 including UK standard shipping ​

Technical Information

Style : Custom Temporary MB207 Four Clamp

​Quality Standard : BS EN ISO 9001:2008

​Environmental Standard : BS EN ISO 14001:2004

Product Weight : 3.0kg

​Max. Payload Weight : 16kg/38lbs